ZOO 3.3 released

Published on Thursday, 25 December. Posted in Joomla Blog

With the ZOO 3.3 release YOOtheme are introducing for the first time the possibility to get notified about updates and apply any future release without leaving your Joomla! backend. 1­-Click Updates  Through the Joomla! Update Manager you’ll get notified and offered the possibility to update ZOO with just one click. For those using ZOO + App Bundle the YOOtheme Installer plugin provided with ZOO will manage the authentication, just be sure to set your API key. API Key  In order to authenticate yourself while requesting the download without compromising your credentials, we are providing an API Key, which you will find in your YOOtheme account page. It acts on your behalf, so remember to treat it just like a password, don’t share it. To set the API Key open the plugin "Installer - YOOtheme" in Joomla's plugin manager. Demo package  While working on the new ZOO release we decided to improve the Demo package by removing the built in Joomla! installation. Now it’s a regular ZOO installation package which installs the demo content, too. This change will allow you to easily and quickly install ZOO to any Joomla! website you already have.

Read more at YOOtheme (News by YOOtheme)

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